Thursday, 15 May 2008

Downward or Upward Spiral?

A few years ago I used to see this elderly man who used to walk with a Zimmer Frame. Each time I saw him I would wave hello and he would smile and wave back. I noticed that he got slower and slower until one day I saw that he'd replaced his Zimmer with a Scooter designed for the disabled.

I haven't seen him for over a year as I tend to get the bus rather than walk. I've often wondered how he is. Over the last week, when I've been doing a lot of walking, I've seen him a few times; I even saw him yesterday. He seems very happy and relaxed.

On the one hand, I am really happy for him that he no longer has to use the Zimmer. It's a joy to see him scooting on the pavement. On the other hand, I can't help but wonder whether he's accepted being in a wheelchair as his lot in life.

Is the downward spiral of old age and decay everyone's destiny?

Surely, there has to be another way? I believe there is - the upward spiral.

With the upward spiral you are feeling better and better every day; and looking more and more radiant every moment.

During a conversation I was having with the Inner Voice, I was shown a pillar of light that was flowing with liquid light. The flow is never ending. The Voice said that this is eternal life that contains all the good I'll ever need. All I have to do is visualise this pillar of light flowing through me and as me.

As the Light I get to experience life as the upward spiral where I am feeling better and better every moment.

Life is an upward spiral of ever new joy forever more.


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