Monday, 9 June 2008

Why Is the Illusion So Bloody Painful?

So I wasn't paying attention where I was going and my shoulder bumped against the edge of the wall. At first it hurt like hell then I immediately reversed the pain by saying to myself that "Love is all there is." The pain instantly vanished.

One could argue that since there is only Love going on and it's all good, any experience not in harmony with Love's intent, such as an injury, is an illusion. In that case, why was the illusion so bloody painful?

Last night a fly came into the living room, presumably through the open windows, and kept buzzing around. He sat on my lap a couple of times and I waved it away. As I had no intention of killing it, I put out an intention that my energy field repels it. After that, it didn't come near me. I was so engrossed in whatever I was watching on television at the time, I forgot about the fly. Later, I noticed my mother was looking flustered. I asked her what was wrong and she said she was being bothered by the fly. She said she'd run out of fly spray and was trying to swat it. The fly was just too damn quick for my mother. First thing this morning, mum sent me on an errand to the corner shop to buy a fly spray, which she intends to use on the "pest." Once she has got rid of the pest, she will feel a lot better.

As I see it, nothing can take away my peace. It doesn't matter how many flies or wasps come in, I will still be in my peace because Peace is who I am; the same is true for my mother. To believe a fly can steal your peace is an illusion. Why then was the illusion so distressing for my mother?

I believe that unless you have the power of conviction to dismiss "illusions" as nothing, it's pointless going round thinking something is an illusion while still in agony or feeling distressed about the situation. I certainly will not tell someone what they are experiencing is an illusion when it looks and feels very real to them. I believe the rule of thumb is as follows: if it still hurts when you bang your head against a brick wall, you're better off avoiding that situation until such a time when you're able to walk through walls.

In fact most of what we call life experiences are illusions that were never created by Love. Millions of people are employed in professions that specialise in illusions such as the medical field, the armed forces, those who make weapons, the Law, the government, etc. These professions will remain until every single individual wakes up to the truth that Love is all there is and it is perfect harmony.

So yes, it's all an illusion. Without the power of conviction, however, to transmute the "illusion", it will remain an annoying fly buzzing around and stealing your peace.


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